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Parenting Agreements

Donna's primary goal is to help fashion a plan that keeps children from being caught between their disputing parents, and to avoid the cost and uncertainty of custody litigation. She will help you do what is best for your children while protecting your relationship with them. The process includes developing a plan for sharing your children's time with the other parent while addressing concerns about the other parent's ability to care for the children properly. Donna can help you modify your custody arrangements as circumstances for you or your children change. Donna understands that your children are of primary importance and will do her utmost to help you and the other parent come to terms that will help you both move forward in co-parenting your children.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Concerned about division of assets or spousal support in case of divorce or the death of your spouse? Donna can prepare a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to help protect your rights.

"Donna was recommended to me by the faculty at the UNC School of Law. She proved a superb choice. My wife and I were going through a collaborative divorce process and her experience with both this process and litigation proved relevant, since she was able to provide an expert assessment of how particular issues might play out if we went to court. Professional and thorough, I felt throughout that my interests were well protected in what was an emotional and trying process. If you want a lawyer at the top of her game, you should definitely consider hiring Donna Bennick."

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